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This collection of clearance cloths are in-stock at the store and ready to ship within 1-7 business days from purchase. These items are final sale.

Please contact the store for clearance pricing.

Questions? Call Daren at 781-444-4037 or email [email protected]

  • 52x76 swatch sample

    Pattern 21 The White Rabbit - 52x76 clearance

    1 52x76 in stock. Contact the store for clearance pricing. Pattern 21 The White Rabbit vinyl floor cloth has a classic, ornate and elegant design that hints at the Baroque Era. Add elegance and sophistication to your dining room or kitchen, or any high...

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  • 72x72 swatch sample

    Floral: Susannah - 72x72 clearance

    1 in stock 72'x72". Contact store for clearance price. Susannah vinyl floor cloth is gorgeous with its organic floral and ivy design. It has light distressing around the border to give it an aged warm feel. Gold, green, red, teal against a muted black...

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  • SALE
    36x129 sample swatch

    Pattern 68 Liverpool - 36x129 liverpool

    1 in stock on clearance. Custom size 36x129 Pattern 68 Liverpool has a charcoal plaid design with black and ivory accents. Vinyl is perfect for areas of high traffic in homes and businesses. Because the vinyl is low maintenance, it's a great alternative...

    Was: $458.00
    Now: $250.00
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  • 38x56 swatch sample

    Yukon: Miners - 38x56 clearance

    1 in stock size 38x56. Miners vinyl floor cloth looks like real wood floorboards with a geometric pattern in gray and black colors.  This collection was inspired by wooded mountains and ski lodge decor. Use it on top of an existing wood floor to...

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  • 52x76 swatch sample

    Pattern 2 Resonance - 52x76 clearance

    1 in stock on clearance.  Pattern 2 Resonance vinyl floor cloth features a honeycomb pattern that looks like vintage bathroom tile.  It's neutral colors will blend with any room's decor! Heavy distressing gives it an aged and worn feel. ...

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  • 48x48 swatch sample

    Mosaics B: Clemont Avenue 48x48 clearance

    1 in stock. Please contact the store for clearance price. Catherine Street vinyl floor cloth is inspired by black and white ceramic tiles of the 1920's. The vinyl is perfect for bathrooms, for instance, when you want to keep the tile look, but don't...

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