Wall Play by Gold Leaf Design Group

Let your creative juices flow! Wall Play by Gold Leaf Design Group incorporates their holistic approach to design with this two and three dimensional wall decor that's interactive, customizable, and affordable.  Mix and match the various art forms to create your own personal design. Add air plants to make your wall come alive.  Interior Designers love using these in homes, offices, retail locations, and hotels. Quite simply, Wall Play is perfect for anyone who wants to create their own designs.

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These little art forms offer durability, endless creativity, and versatility.  They are designed for easy installation and have a giant impact when massed together.  They're not just for walls, use them anywhere you want to add a splash of color and texture.  Get creative! Use them on fireplaces, decks, fences, branches, gazebos, and planters.  After a predrilling, simply screw them into anything you want!  The design possibilities are endless! 

Questions?  Contact Daren 781-444-4037 or email daren@puravidahg.com

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