Spicher and Co. Vinyl Floor Cloths

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Having sold over 6000 vinyl floorcloths, I am your specialist and can answer all of your questions. Spicher and Company's vintage vinyl floor cloths are durable and a cost effective way of upgrading and protecting your floors. Replace your fabric area rugs with this vinyl cloth and make clean up easy! Wipe with a cloth and water. The vinyl does not stain, so spilled wine, grape juice, or pet messes are no problem! Use them in any room in your house, kitchen, dining, game, bath, bed, or protected porches. Interior Designers love these vinyl floor cloths as they make a statement in any room and there are so many designs and color choices. 

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They are great for high foot traffic areas such as businesses and offices. Latex backing will not harm floors and you do not need a carpet protector. Great for DIY projects as you can cover an existing floor with the ease of simply unrolling the vinyl cloth. The low profile (1/16" thickness) is perfect for elderly as there is no tripping hazard. They are great in entryways where the door is too close to the floor and a thick rug won't work. The extensive choices of design styles and colors allow the vinyl cloths to work in any interior design and decor. There are over 130 patterns in 7 collections, with 18 standard sizes plus custom, making for over 1000 options.  I suggest viewing the 'Vinyl Floor Cloth Catalogs' as a starting point. You can also get inspiration from the 'Vinyl Cloth Customer Photos'. Made in USA!

Questions? Call or email Daren: 781-444-4037 daren@puravidahg.com